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Bree Western

Breanna Western has been a Licensed Aesthetician since 2005 and is the woman behind Lux Studio Studio. After struggling with her own skin for years and eventually being able to crack the code on herself, she developed a passion for helping the world feel beautiful in their own skin.

As a skin care therapist, Bree feels that educating clients about their skin is one of the most important aspects of her career. How can you know what to do, if you don’t understand what’s happening? She understands how pigmentation, adult acne, and premature aging not only put your skin in jeopardy but also your self-esteem and confidence. Bree is confident that after helping thousands of clients reach their skin care goals, she can help you do the same no matter the obstacle.

Bree strives to set Lux Skin Studio apart from the typical spa business model. She created a warm and welcoming environment that clients can walk into and immediately feel their stress melt away. Clients can relax and leave their worries at the door.

‍Bree feels that it’s important to take care of your whole self. Thus, incorporating facial treatments into your life should be a consistent element in your routine, not a once in a while luxury. Think eating healthy as a lifestyle vs. crash diets. Which one will ultimately work much better?

She would love to have you come into the studio and customize a treatment plan for you! Specializing in Rezenerate, microdermabrasion, DermaGlow, Oxygen facials, Ultrasonic peel, and Microcurrent!

Personalized Skin Care by Bree.

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